There is something called future. Whatever you do to anybody today, remember there is a future.
You cause people pain..
You make people cry..
There is a future. Even if you don’t cry in your life time, you children may reap it.

You are a lecturer, a woman struggled, sold her wrapper, her father went to the farm, sold crops to pay her school fees. That girl is like their only hope. They are doing their best to train the girl, and you the lecturer has become the obstacle on her life. The hope of a family, you have become the obstacle. If she doesn’t do this or that, she will have carryovers. You don’t know there is a future!

Mr lecturer, you will have children, they will go to school, it will not be one lecturer that will be on them, they will be nine, because you reap more than what you sow. There is a future!

You a young lady, you know you are not going to marry the man. You collected his ring just to take his money, and when you are done, you already have somebody else, you marry that person. There is a future!

When you start looking for children, you will have to retrace your steps. You can not hurt people God created and expect God not to reply you.

You can not destroy people. Reputation people have built for years, they will sit-down for 10mins and tear it apart. When you are fighting a girl, boy, man or woman, understand, that person is connected to people. You fire somebody for something flimsy because today you are the boss.

Anything you do in life, you must think of the future. Sometimes, when my wife and I bless people, you think we don’t have project? Nobody needs the money more than us, we need it more than central bank. I have crusades lined up, if I tell you what one cost, you will scream. I’m visiting 30 countries this year. It cost alot!

One naira means a lot to me, because I need to preach the gospel. Because we are thinking of the future.

How do you treat people? How do you take people? Nobody stays in position forever. No matter what you are or have access to. Understand that you can have everything but you may not have tomorrow.

You treat your wife like rags and that is somebody’s child, your daughter will get married..


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