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By Sam Adeyemi

Real money is that thing you don’t see with your physical eyes. Real money is value and you can’t see value with your physical eyes.

The paper that we call money, is the representation of value.

I know some of us can pray… Ahh! when we pray like this…

Listen, if you pray for money and you don’t have anything of value to add to another person’s life, no product, no service that will solve problems in the person’s life, money will never come in your direction.

Infact, even if you are called into ministry work like I am, If you can’t pray to solve the problem of sicknesses and diseases or your teaching don’t provide information to someone that will solve a problem on their job or problem in their relationship, don’t expect money to come in your direction.

Money is only a means of exchange. A means of exchange of value.

If it is the absence of money that makes a person poor, then, GOD WAS BROKE. In Genesis 1. But we all know, He was not broke because He went ahead and created the whole world.

I came to this conclusion… It is not the absence of this paper called money that makes a person poor.

Hebrews 11:3 say, by faith we understand that the whole world were framed by the Word of God…

You don’t see words but they control your life.

Words comes from thoughts, thoughts have value, ideas, plans..

Ask those who know in the business world and they will tell you that poor man is not the one who does not have money, he is the one who does not have ideas. Rich people knows that, poor people don’t.

The people who know that real money(value) will always control the lives of those who don’t know.

The invisible will eventually produce the visible.

John 1vs14
And the word became flesh and dwelt among us.

Nothing existed today, that did not exist first as a thought or idea in somebody’s mind. Real value, real wealth begins with intangible resources.

If Africa gets it, if you get it, you are free from the curse of poverty forever.

If you don’t have real value, the spiritual one and you amass wealth, you steal sixteen billion.. You are still poor.

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