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Apostle Johnson Suleman || Life Applicable Lessons From The Palm Tree

Apostle Johnson Suleman: The first thing about the palm tree which you must understand, is how does the palm tree grow, how is the palm tree watered, what is that thing that gives that palm tree that elongation, that extension that longivity;

  1. The Palm Tree Depends On The Sun.

So long the sun is shining the palm tree is growing. The Bible says in Malachi 4:2 unto them that fear my name shall the sun of righteousness arise with healing in His wings. Sir, if you must become like the palm tree and flourish like the palm tree, you must depend on God. Thank God for Education, thank God for intellect, thank God for intelligence  thank God for connection, thank God for contact, thank God for your profession, thank God for your talent but life is about God.  You must understand for by strength shall no man Prevail, not of him that run or willeth but of God that showeth Mercy. You must totally depend on God.

 I know you went to school, even after your education, after all you have gathered, you must constantly say “Lord I depend on you” because it is God that worketh both in us to will and to do of his good pleasure. Many depend on their talent, many depend on their capacity, many depend on their beauty, many depend on their connection, their father, their mother.
There are people who had people in government but today they are nobody. Why? Because they forgot that life is God. Everything you do in this life put God first. Remember the God factor.

2. The Palm Tree Has The Strongest Roots.

Roots here speaks of value. In fact when I was doing this research on the palm tree I discovered that palm tree grows three feet into the ground.
 It’s your root that determines your fruit. You cannot be fruited, if you’re not properly rooted. Many of us today why we are shaking when there is a shaking…
 Little thing you are shaking “oh God what have you done? God why is this happening?”, you have no root. He says the sower went to sow and he classified the particular seed. He says so when trials come because they have no root in them.
 Challenges reveals your root, trials reveals how rooted you are, temptations and shakings reveals how rooted you are. There are people, let the world be crashing, they still stay with God because they are  heavily rooted. Let everyone turn against them  let them see mountains and high waters, they are still with God.
Your root determines your fruit your root.

There are people that are heavily rooted. One of the ways to acquire root is to develop strong Christian values strong. What do you stand for? Have Christian values, there are certain things you stand for. Falling and rising is a product or a proof of an unrooted believer.
As a man you don’t go around your friends and they influence, you influence them.

3. The Palm Tree Grows Straight.

You can testify that, palm tree has no branches, palm tree grows very straight. Straight speaks of honest, straight speaks of upright, straight speaks of being discerning, no branches, it doesn’t carry load to avoid distraction, it doesn’t carry load to avoid heaviness. Sir, I know that you want money but be straight in your pursuit of money. I know you want to get married but be straight in your pursuit of marriage. Be straight, be honest!

 What does it mean to be straight? Is to be right standing, is to be forward upright. Forward is to be that person who stands firm and you are know for decency and honesty. The Bible say in Jeremiah 17:11 Like a partridge that hatches eggs it did not lay is the man who gains riches by unjust means. When his life is half gone, they will desert him, and in the end he will prove to be a fool.

In Proverbs 20: 211 an inheritance may be gotten hastily at the beginning but the end shall not be blessed.

Everybody can be doing it but don’t do it. The Bible say in Exodus 23:2 “Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong. When you give testimony in a lawsuit, do not pervert justice by siding with the crowd.

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