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Apostle Johnson Suleman On Marriage, “There Are Many People, Who Are Blaming God For What They Are Destroying”

Apostle Johnson Suleman: Recently, there was something that happened and everybody were talking about one footballer. The footballer gave all his money to the mother and the wife was left empty. Some people were insulting and abusing the woman.

When I see things about people on social media, I don’t believe. So, I had to research the story. The lady in question is worth $2.5m. Nigerian people who are talking about her don’t have money.

  1. The woman they are calling gold-digger, has her own money.
  2. If you check the background of that story, they were angry with the woman for wanting money but am angry at her for marrying mummy’s boy. Because, you will see it that this is mummy’s boy. And once you marry mummy’s boy, you are a second wife. Anyone who marries mummy’s boy, she is in a polygamous home.

If you see a man stand, despite what the family is saying, and said “Am standing with my wife”, if you have that kind of man, hold him. That is the man who knows what the bible say, “therefore, a man shall leave his father’s house and cleeve to his wife”.

There are grown up men in their 70’s who are still holding on to their grandmother. Study what the bible says, you will see God made it clear. Marriage(husband, wife) so, for you to have a glorious home and have a home that will fulfil God expectation, we must know who is a wife.

Proverb 18:22… he that findeth wife(Not woman. Not all women are wives).

So, whenever a man enters your life and there is no favour, and there is no good thing happening to him. Then, you are not a wife. Because if you are really a wife, the man’s life, should carry FAVOUR.

“He that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing”. So, wife comes with two things, “good things and favour”. So, when a man marries you and he’s not seeing something good and he’s not seeing FAVOUR, it means you don’t understand the word called “wife”.

It is important that we understand “what is wife”.
Proverbs 14:1…The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.

There are many people who are blaming God for what they are destroying.
Before you marry your husband, he was the one that chased you. After you marry him, chase him. That is God’s plan.
After given birth to a child, you stop looking good, ignoring the your body, looking unkept

There are some people, because they think they are married, so they should not be kept. Is your duty to chase him. You can have children and still look okay.
There are so many married women in the church, who do not think they should take care of themselves. There is nothing wrong going to the gym. If you can’t go to the gym, have a gym in your house, run around your house.

You think everything is about PRAYER? Have wisdom to be active, wisdom on how to relate, wisdom to handle his family.

A man told his wife one day, make me food and make it fresh, because my family people are coming to eat. The woman said, “abeg, abeg, abeg…please if they come, don’t they know the kitchen, there is foodstuff everywhere”.
The man came home from the office that day, he said “my wife they are coming in the next two hours, I hope the food is getting prepared? She said, “please, they know kitchen, let them go and cook when they come”.

The man said, “No problem”. He drove angrily from the house. Two hours later, there was a knock on the door. When the woman opened the door, it was her father, her two sisters and her brother. Your husband called us two days ago that we should come for a dinner. She said, “my husband has stepped out o, he’s not around”. Ha.. he stepped out and he asked us to come…..

She called her husband, ” why didn’t you tell me is my father that is coming? He replied, “I told you, my family. Is your family not my family? She said, “haha…if you are coming, buy us fresh food”.
He said, “never…they know the kitchen. Tell your father to enter the kitchen”.

Oh…you set me up, you did not tell me is my family. The man said, “your family is my family”.
You see the way she took her family? There are many women today, when it comes to their family, is like gold. When it comes to their husband family, is like tissue paper. That is not correct!

If your husband had said, “your father and your siblings are coming”, she would have been serious with it…

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