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Apostle Johnson Suleman || Reasons Why Ladies Should Have Self Esteem.

Apostle Johnson Suleman: As a young lady, just imagine how many young men you have cooked for.
Do you know what it means as a young lady not to have self-esteem? Anybody that opens teeth for you, you sleep with.
Imagine four guys sitting down, they are talking and you are passing and the four of them have slept with you. You can’t pass that  road. What a shame!
You keep yourself and say no to immorality, even if there’s no money in your pocket, because tomorrow you want to be able to walk well with respect.
Five boys are talking, all of them are sitting down and you walking past and they bust into laughter because that thing between your leg is supposed to be private part but what you are carry is local government area. Have sense, there’s no food in your pocket but you are thinking of tomorrow.

Do you know about two weddings have been cancelled in this church? You know why? The young lady was engaged to the guy, only for the brother who was coming from abroad to marry, came the week of the wedding. When he saw the girl, the girl saw him, the man laughed, he said “it can’t work”.
Before he traveled abroad, he had something to do with her. Marriage cancelled.

They came to me “Papa, what can we do?” I said, “it’s not within me, is the guy wants to marry, if the guy wants to go ahead, we will join them but the guy said “no, he cannot marry a person that the brother has taken through”.
Everything bought, gown bought, suit bought, the guy say “he is not going ahead”.
The second one, the brother said no problem, is a thing of the past, you can go ahead. The younger brother said “no, is a thing of the present”.
In fact, one of them was so bad, the first one was so bad that the young lady had something with the father and the elder brother separately, she was not aware.

So when they say “keep yourself”, is because of your pride, your esteem.
Is so bad now that, you are a young girl, you are the one even making advances at men, sending them messages. What happened to you?
Men are now running from you because you are a fire extinguisher. I ask a question “why is it that any young man that comes out, just mention marriage, some of my daughters just lose their brain?” He’s giving me concern. Because they know you are despirate, so they throw that as a bait.
You will cook..
You buy..
You spend..
You do this/that..
When they are done, they move to the next.

There are some young men that are not ready to marry, they are just ready to deceive a lot of people, ruin destinies, destroy people’s life, not knowing for every woman that cries and weeps and cries and calls upon God, because she was openhearted to you and you took advantage of her. A thousand prophets can not reverse that curse. Many young men, their life today is scattered because somebody loves them genuinely, supported them and they treated them badly. So no prayer, let them go to the mountain, go to the valley, until they look for that person and apologize and the person say “I forgive you”.
It’s time to be responsible, sit down look at your life “am I going to continue like this”.
How much have you wasted?
Responsibility is the price of greatness.
 I’m not judging you, God knows you are not perfect. That is why it’s giving you this message so that you can think about it and work on it.

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