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Apostle Joshua Selman || How To Succeed In What God Has Called You To Do.

Apostle Joshua Selman: You need to know the will of God and then in addition, know the strategy. For many people, they know “what” God wants to do but they do not know the strategy. They were not patient. God told you I will do this in your life and they just said “amen”.
It is God’s will plus God’s strategy that equals God’s dimension of results. God’s will plus your strategy will not work. You can know the will of God “God wants me to do this God wants me to go here” but if you don’t stay… Usually, He does not reveal His will and His strategy at the same time. You need to have spiritual understanding to know that if you have received a blueprint of God’s will then stay until the strategy comes. Just because He wants to give you Jericho does not mean you invent how to defeat Jericho. You may use a sword and die like He did not direct you. It is God’s will plus God’s strategy.
 God says “you should start a church”, let him give you the strategy on how to build it.
God said “you should start an NGO”, don’t invent your strategy. God will never speak to you and not give you a strategy. It’s just that sometimes a strategy does not come at the same time, you have to wait. Your matching order is when the will and the strategy arrives.

God said “He will give me a house in Abuja”, you may say that is true but by what strategy?  You have to wait.
 God said “I should relocate to Abuja and come and do ministry”, but what strategy?
You can hang around this city for forever and find out that doors does not open for you because the strategy is not there.
God said I should expand my businesses to Europe and America you may say and then you just get up and start doing it in the flesh. Most times the trouble is not that people did not hear God, is that they do not know that in actualizing prophetic things “the speakings of God”, it is the knowledge of His will plus the grace to stay until you receive the strategy. The moment the strategy comes the miracle is about to happen.
Water can be turned to wine but by what strategy?
Jordan can part, the Red Sea can part, but by what strategy?
Yes, bread can remain and not be spent all through famine but by what strategy?
Yes, the dead child can come back to life but by what strategy?
Every Miracle you see in the Bible was a combination of the will of God and a strategy. The will of God and a Divine strategy!

It is the assignment of the Holy Spirit in partnership with the word to reveal, is the reason why no part of any two people, no matter how close even if a husband and wife, their spiritual path will not be the same, the destiny may be the same, but the strategy allocated is unique, be spoke to only you.
Two people can be involved in real estate and on the same day God can tell them in one year, I will establish you but the strategy is defer. For someone God can use his strategy and give him an ambitious project set up an estate and announce it and I will send men. And he will take that risk and God will honor it and that will be how God lifts him, the other person will do that and crash. For that person his strategy will be to go and submit to a real estate company and learn and scale and grow that way.
Never assume a strategy just because you heard God correctly. When He speaks, don’t just know that He has said to do this. “Lord how do you intend for it to come to pass”.

 I like Mary “how shall these things be”, not what.
She knew the “what” but how shall these things be? Seeing that I know not a man.
And the strategy was revealed to her. She now agreed with the will and the strategy “be it unto me according to your word”.
 Apostle, God is prospering people, the strategies differ.

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