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Apostle Joshua Selman || Reasons Why People Lose Their Loved Ones.

Apostle Joshua Selman: The Lord is speaking to a family, if you do not contend for power over unclean spirits, you will lose your loved ones to satan, you will lose your loved ones to curses. Don’t wait until they kill all your parents, kill all your children, kill all your loved ones. Rise up as a believer that you are and say in the name of Jesus, I have dominion over unclean spirits. Hallelujah.
There are spirits that are assigned to individuals, there are spirits that are assigned to ministerial offices, they are not assigned to a person. So, Apostle Joshua Selman as a ministerial office has a spirit assigned to it. What is the assignment? Destroy this man, scatter his life, destroy whatever he represents so that the body of Christ will be affected. That is the assignment.

There is a spirit assigned to me because I’m on earth, there is the spirit assigned to your family, there are spirits assigned to regions, as soon as you enter that region, it’s like a register in the spirit, this person has arrived. There is a scan in the spirit, what authority level do you have, nothing, this is just a noise maker, church goer, is welcome, join the bandwagon of slaves.
So you come into a city and I want to do business in Abuja, I want to do business in Lagos, I’m a graduate. All that is a spirit, is just a talk from the realm of the spirit you find out that you lose everything and you don’t know what is happening.

There are spirits that are assigned to marriages, a husband and a wife who love themselves as soon as they say “I do” the spirits are witnesses. Two weeks later, the man is tired, wants to slap the woman and you counsel the man and he will sit down and even be counseling others and say be good to your wife, be fair to people and once he’s done, he will beat his own wife. It’s not that the man is evil, there are spirits and we keep saying we have authority but we do not have understanding.

I hope you know that the spirits in gadara were the ones who created the storm when Jesus was on his way coming? They knew that deliverance was coming and they raised a storm. You don’t tell a storm “peace be still”. No, as soon as Jesus arrived Gadara, nobody told the mad man that he had arrived the spirit knew, they were waiting for him there, as soon as he arrived, what have you come to do now and the demon said said, do you know what let’s negotiate we are responsible for this place, the businesses that prosper in this place are in partnership with us, that is why immediately they left that man some people’s businesses went down because the businesses were connected to that fraternity.

So you step into Abuja and you do not know the age long spirit. You’ve been prospering every other place but bankrupt of spiritual intelligence and you may sincerely say well I’m a Child of God, I’m a Believer and you are right but because you do not understand how to administer authority..
All my business starts and your staff will start stealing, even the most honest person in your company, honest people they start changing in ways you do not understand and you are sincere. Sometimes, you think the solution is money, you carry one million ”okay, take man of God and drive these demons” and they don’t go anywhere because you must understand the rules of engagement and the person goes down.

There are cities, when you enter, you become poor to look like the city, no matter how blessed you are, there is a spirit that makes men to look like the city. There are people who go abroad for 10 years 20 years, they excel but it’s like a trajectory, they come down. When they are 80, 70 years old, they become like their yesterday and they will tell you stories, “I was once in the white house”,  and you are saying “so what happened to you”. Hallelujah.
There are spirits that are responsible for stunting growth and advancement. So the moment out of a family of ten people, you suddenly emerge and you are the person rising, you don’t have to be bad, the fact that in your rising is the salvation of many, here comes the spirit assigned to you and you just hear that the bread winner of this family just died in an accident, one mad bike man just came, he did not just come, you are just watching physical things. There are spirits assigned.

I’m saying to someone again, in the name of my God and your God, every spirit that has been assigned to mock God over your life, may it give way right now……

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