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Apostle Joshua Selman || There Are Two Dimensions To Distractions.

Apostle Joshua Selman: There are two dimensions to distractions.

  1. Getting Into Areas Beyond The Scope Of Your Grace.

This is why great people go down.

Ephesians 4:7
A painful lesson in that area was learned in the life of John the Baptist. John the Baptist was not a marriage counselor, he did not even marry himself. Instead of him to keep quiet, he had served God faithfully. The greatest of all prophets provided he was within the area of his grace, no power could touch him, but when he veered off and now started talking about matters beyond on the scope of his grace, his head went for it. The Bible says but unto every one of us, is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ

There are men of God, there are business people, there are great people today whose downfall started not necessarily because of anything they did wrong but they veered off and began to communicate along areas where grace was not given.
So God gives people mandates. I’m not just talking in ministry, God gives people assignments and chances are excellent. You see, the deception of greatness is because once grace is on you, whatever you are doing becomes so easy. You will think every other area will be like that. It is the grace of God on you that makes what you are doing easy and then chances are excellent that people will veered off into other areas where grace was not supplied and they want to command the same authority that’s what gets them into trouble.

 There are people who have no business doing detailed teachings on finances, they don’t have the grace. They could share it generally or learn from those who really have it. There are people who understand very little, perhaps about the dynamics of prayer. One of the the major trouble in the body of Christ today is because everybody believes he has authority to teach on everything, so people stand, I can teach excellently well in an area and you will be surprised at the rubbish I will teach in another area. The ability to discern your area of grace and stay there with all humility, it profits you and then it profits the body.

No matter how much I teach on relationship and family and whatever, I will never understand marriage and relationship like a woman like Mummy Funke Felix-Adejumo and then my dear friend and brother Pastor Kingsley and his wife, is a grace God gave them. By the time you now feel “I can do all things”, you see that statement? Is within the will of God.
Most times that calamity graduates from pride, is start from pride and then we delve into areas and we claim to be authorities in areas and we come up with misleading information. When you function within the area of grace, the grace given to you insists that you remain accurate within that area.

There are people who get up and make expensive risks in their lives that ruin their ministry, they just get up and produce posters “healing meetings”, they go online and copy the poster that Benny Hinn used to advertise his meeting “healing meeting”, expect this and that and they stand and shout and vow “if anybody lives here sick except I’m not a man of God” and the sick people say “wow this wonderful. We’re in a good place then”, at the end of the grace, after praying, you say “if you are healed, come out” and nobody comes out. You sing praise and worship, I mean just check and they say “no”, should they lie? They were not healed!
If you are learning, that’s all right. If you are starting but where you claim to be an authority in healing and power.. No sir! It’s not there period.
Many people claim things they don’t have  grace to defend.

Be comfortable where God has kept you and serve with excellence, never be intimidated, you are only a king within your kingdom, don’t enter another person’s Kingdom and fight the throne.. No!
In your kingdom, there is a throne for you, there is a seat for you, there is a crown for you, there is a scepter for you, remain there and then respect other kingdoms that you do not have access to.

God never empowers a man to do everything. That is what men like Watchman Nee call the “limitation of the body”, your heart is responsible for pumping blood but your heart is not your brain. You can have a healthy heart and have something called brain damage, you will still act like a fool even though your heart is empty. Am I right on that?
Your heart may have a problem and your brain is still working well you will not even just act like a fool, you will die immediately. So, the various parts of your body have their function and the reason why the whole organism functions well is because the parts of the body limit themselves. If I need to pick something by mistake, you know my hands are full, I may use my mouth to hold the phone but the mouth is not designed to carry things.

There are times you may need to veered off temporarily because of something you need to do but the hand is at is best when it is reaching and holding, not walking. If you use the hand to walk, you will frustrate the hand. It was not built to walk, it was built to reach, it was built to hold.

2. Not Protecting Your Focus Or Your Pursuit.

If you do not create systems and structures to protect your focus, eventually you will find out that you are doing many things. There are people who are doing many things in ministry, in business, in career, in destiny and they honestly not making any progress. As we say “Jack of all trade  master to none”

Act 6:1-12
Those are two kinds of ministries, serving table is not a lesser ministry. The Apostles were given the ministry of the word and prayer and now because an issue came as a result of the increase, they came and met them and said listen come and discuss this issue, some women are being neglected, there is tribalism going on here, there is all kinds of things going on here and the Apostle said “no”. We should leave? We shouldn’t leave the work, don’t distract our focus he says.
These are the Apostles, they were secured enough to say listen, it’s not incompetence, is that if we find ourselves in an area where grace was not given, we will be distracted and majors will become minors and minors will become majors.

It says in verse 4, wherefore brethren look ye among you, seven men full of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom whom we may appoint over this business but as for us, we will give ourselves continually to prayer and the ministry of the word.

 I like this, very inspiring. I submit to you with every sense of humility, there are many people, many men of God especially their trouble started when the church expanded too much, they stopped being preachers and became administrators because now millions and billions are coming into the account, now International guests are flying from all over and now sometimes we men of God can be so insecure, we don’t trust anybody and we feel I have to supervise this finance by myself, how much entered there and before you know it, is sunday again and you come to preach and say let’s just sing whatever comes from God and you find out you are leaving your assignment because you are attending to things that are not within your area of call. Just because you are heading a vision does not mean you are the one who knows everything, you must know your area of grace and give people within the vision room under your supervision to bring out their best.

There are certain roles in this ministry, if I were the one playing it, I probably would have produced a disaster out of it. Koinonia is not excelling today just because Joshua Selman is a visionary person, it is a composite of many people’s intelligence together. Are you getting the point now? yes!
It is true and if you cannot understand and accept this, you would destroy your organization. Is why most organizations don’t last.
There are people who set up businesses and allow intelligent people to come and run it. They own the business but they don’t lead the business, they are humble enough to be advised to be counseled as to how the business should go but there are people who will sit down and die there and say “no”, it is my work. God gave me” and before you know, the vision is not going well because they want to do everything.

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