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Three specific reasons why God wants you to prosper by Apostle Joshua Selman.

The first reason God wants us to prosper is because he desires for us to live a comfortable life, the second reason why God blesses us in this kingdom is so that we can help and provide financial resources for kingdom advancement, and the third reason is so that we can reveal the love and compassion of Jesus to a dying world in a practical and definite way, so you will find out that the first reason has to do with you, the second reason has to do with the church, and the last one has to do with the world.

There are four realms of living, the first realm is called the survival realm, the second realm is called the realm of comfort, the third one is called the realm of luxury, and the last one is called the realm of extravagance.

The lowest realm and the highest realm is not for us, we are not called to the life of survival, and we are not equally called to the life of extravagance, because this realms are dangerous, when you find yourself in the realm of survival, you will be fighting like you are fighting Satan, and when you also find yourself in the realm of extravagance, you will lose the consciousness of your stewardship.

The allowance of a believer is the realm of comfort and luxury, and from the standpoint of assignment, the first assignment of money in your life is to help you redeem time, and efficiency.

As far as your attaining of kingdom wealth is concerned, all blessings comes from God, and also belong to God, you also need to understand that all blessings come from God through men to men, it does not come from God to man.

In this kingdom, when you say you have prospered, it has to be 5/5, so you must have all it takes to be called a prosperous person, you must have Spiritual prosperity, mental prosperity, bodily prosperity, which is your health and well being, financial prosperity, and relational prosperity.

The first Spiritual law of wealth and abundance is absolute surrender, so if God does not have your heart, you are not ready to prosper in God’s way, because when your heart believes God, he will trust you with anything.

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