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APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN || Why There Are Many Lazy People Wanting Multiplied Grace Out Of Nothing.

Why I don’t sleep close to 2 to 3hours any time we have service by Apostle Joshua Selman

In truth, I will tell you that I don’t sleep for 2-3 hours anytime we have service, because there are several things that needs to be done, I want the power and the presence of God to manifest in any service, then I must work towards it, and that is how grace works.

We are always talking about grace without knowing how it works.

There are many lazy people that is wanting multiplied grace out of nothing, they just want to fold their hands and watch God bless them.

People who acknowledged the workings of God’s grace, have the power to force any door that closes, there is no time discussing anything when one door closes, they force another to open by faith.

Show me a man you think that has the grace of God, and the workings of grace, I will show you diligence as a proof of faith, diligence in prayer, diligence in the study of the word, diligence in building capacity.

Businessmen listen, you have not allow the potential of God to speak in your life truly, because you have backed it up with obedience and diligence. Can you show me the business book you have read as a proof that you are a kingdom financier, can you show me the millionaires you have honored, and sat under to constructively learn mentorship as a proof that you want the word of God to work in your life.

I hear some young people saying that they are not excelling in ministry, but can you show me who you have submitted to learn and understand the principle of Ministry, what do you know about organization?, what do you about leadership?, What do you know about managing variety of people?, What do you know about excellence?, What do you know about the sound exegesis of scripture?, If you don’t know any of this as a young Minister, how do you think you can grow, don’t say that no member is coming to your church, because God is not a fool.

May of you do say that God is not lifting you, when you don’t know how God makes use of the grace of God by engaging Faith.

The diligent component of faith is what we need to obtain grace.

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