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Apostle Michael Orokpo || How To Be Ahead Of Your Generation. The Price Elon Musk And Bill Gate Paid For Greatness

Apostle Michael Orokpo: There is nobody that rose to influence that did not respect and obey the principles of consecration and sanctification. I don’t like using people who are not rooted in the kingdom as an example, but in order to show you what I’m talking about, because it also has to do with society. Let me give you an instance of some of the wealthy men in the world. The level of prices they paid to be where they are.

I was watching a documentary on Elon Musk and the guy was narrating the consecrations and the prices he paid to be where he was and i told myself, that the body of Christ have not yet understood what it takes to be migthy.
Thank God for prophecies..
Thank God for prayers..
Thank God for the anointing..
It doesn’t stop there..

You know what this guy said? He said at one point in his life, he was working for 22hrs everyday. He had a website that he hosted with his brother. He said because they did not have money to rent an apartment, the money they had, they used it to rent an office and they were sleeping in the office and working in the office.
Is not because he did not know comfort or luxury but he knew at that phase, there are prices he needed to pay. So, instead of paying for an apartment, he paid for an office.

Because of the one computer they had, they will float in the day and code in the night. Because of that, they were keeping 22hrs work schedule. And you look at such people, you say they are intelligent, they are gifted. No sir!
They paid prices, they had consecration that they did not give up on. The guy said, in that period, he had a girl friend(this is why I hardly use these kind of people as an example) and there was no time for holidays, there was no time for visitation. He said if the lady wanted to see him, it’s only in the night because he was so busy during the day and she would visit him in the office. That’s what it takes to be a billionaire.

Today, you find Christians.. they say all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Where you intelligent before?
You can not be building teslar, you can not be building space x and have time to go out with a girlfriend. That is how sold out he was to his vision. And the lady knew that this man has a vision and he’s on a mission and if I must see him, I’ll be the one to come and see him with the little window he had available for me.

Today, electric cars are been driven in almost every Nation. Those cars came out from 22hrs of labour. Is not a gift, it was worked!
Today, there is commercial space travel, pioneer and sponsored by one man because of 22hrs of labour. This is not a man who speak in tongues.
You speak in tongues, you have the wisdom of God, you have the anointing of the Holy Ghost but you can not affect your generation because you have time for too many things. We are busy here and there doing nothing.

You need to spend time to study about these men to inspire yourself. You will know why without God, they are shaking the world. Yes  demons helped them and supported them. But the place of diligence, hard work, and consecration can never be taken away from any story of great men.

When they ask him, why did you work so hard? He said I came to discovered that the average man works from 40 to 45hrs in a weak. If am working more than 100hrs in a week, what that man will archive in December, I will archive it in April. I need to be ahead of my generation.  That’s how they think.

They didn’t come there because they were gifted, they came here because they paid prices.
You said, you are an apostle to the nations and you can’t remember ten scriptures, there is no visible gift on your life because you can’t pay the price of consecration. And you are thinking that one day, the nation will open, you are joking.

I was telling my intercessors recently, you have vigil on Friday, and the whole of Saturday  you are sleeping. They ask you, you said “mhen…we were in the vigil yesterday”. Which one is vigil yesterday? You do vigil once a week and you are sleeping the whole Saturday. You are joking.

Go and ask those that are making global impact. There is no day I go to bed before 2am. You can’t catch me sleeping before 2am. For what!
You want to take your world..

How can you be fresh, how can you be ahead of your generation if you are sleeping when they are sleeping and you wake up when they are waking up. And then when you ask lazy men, they will say “well W.H.O said we should be sleeping 7hrs to be healthy”.
Go and ask those sleeping seven hours, they have come into their rest. They sleep 7hrs when they have 3billion in their account. Check them out, when they were labouring and rising.

Go and read the story of Bill gate, his friends said sometimes, when you come into his office, the 2hrs break he has in the afternoon , he fall under the table, sleeping there. Because he’s used to working all night and all day. These are not kingdom men, these are not anointed men, this are men who do not have Christianity as their religion. This are men working so hard to bring about the agenda of darkness, yet they understand the place of diligence and you are here saying “The Holy Ghost is in me, I’m anointed” and you are lazy around and you think you can take you world. No, you must pay the price of consecration.

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