Apostle Michael Orokpo ||Nothing Creates Connection Like Communication. There Is A Level Of Communication That Are For Married Couples

In order to build connection, there must be communication. Talk to you wife/husband as often as possible. Nothing creates connection like communication. Even people you have no affection for, when you start talking to them everyday, you will discover that you start liking them. And that’s what some of these strange brothers in church do. That’s why we counsel young ladies, please let nobody to become too close that he blocks your windscreen. Nobody can see you anymore. When the church is over, “hey..how you doing?”
Everyday, you are talking and talking, you will discover that your heart will open and you will loose your guard.

And after 7years, he will now come and give you his wedding card. You are now like, “what do you mean?” He will respond by telling you, “we were just friends, you are my best friend”.
That’s when you will discover that it’s not wise to make best friend with the opposite sex.

Please, there are level of communication that are for married people. The reason is because communication bridge connection. Talk to people but there should be threshold you should not take it beyond. In fact, don’t let certain people, who are not family call you at certain time. Somebody is calling you around 11, 12 midnight, let him go and pray.

Certain people are robbed of emotion, so they are looking for people to satisfy that emotion. And they waste your own life, healing their heart. Please, build a rigid law around your communications.

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