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TD Jakes: On your journey, it will not always be the people that you expect to bless you. 

Sometimes, God will use people outside your language, people you don’t expect to bless you.

All you need to do, is to keep on gathering the wood as Apostle Paul did.

after coming out of the storm, went ahead to gather wood for the fire.

As long as he walk towards the fire, he couldn’t tell what will happen next.

But the closer he gets to the fire, that was when the snake came out.

Snakes don’t comes out until you get close to the fire. If you see snakes coming out, it’s a sign, you are close to the fire.

If you were not close to the fire, the snakes won’t be coming out.

If you see your enemy coming around, trying to bite you, is only a sign that you are closer than you ever been.

The snake came out and bites Apostle Paul, not only did the snake bite him, it also fasten itself to him. It is one thing for the snake to bite and another thing to fasten itself.

Whenever you are about to do mighty for God, snakes will fasten itself to you.

When the snake fasten itself to him, the barbarians look at him and said; He must be a murderer or maybe he is a murderer trying to escape but justice let it happen.

The interesting thing to me, is that Apostle Paul did not respond to their allegation by saying; it is not what happened…He did not say; am really a great man of God..

The best response to criticism is success…

Rather than to defend himself or his integrity, Apostle Paul just keeps on doing what he was doing.

Now, the snake fasten itself to him and the people think what has happened to him, he brought it on himself.

He did not respond to any of it, he keeps on doing what he was doing and over time, when the barbarians saw that he survived the snake bite, they changed their mouth and said “He was a God”

The same people who crush you one moment, will say Hosanna the next moment…

Some of you have been trying to ask God “Why did you let this happen to me?” God said; He let it happen to you, so that people could see that what you have been through, shouldn’t kill you but when they saw you survive, it was a sign that you were not in that situation by yourself..

But you just have to maintain your focus and keep on doing what God told you to do..

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