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Bishop Tudor Bismark Journey In The Faith

When Bishop Tudor Bismark Married his dearly beloved Pretty wife, Pastor Chichi, he was Broke and only had on him, 5 Zimbabwean Dollars, a Vision, a Message God had put in his spirit that was clearly headed the Globe and a confirmation and a peace in his spirit Chichi was his wife. 
I have heard him often say, on their wedding day, he watched as Chichi signed the Registry and he was asking himself in fear; ”what have you done Tudor?” ”How will you even take care of her needs?” 
And on the other hand, despite all the discouragements Pastor Chichi faced from her family and friends, begging her not to marry this broke and uneducated Pastor from a poor family, she still went against all that, went ahead and married the Love of her life, Tudor.

And for the first 17 years of their marriage and Ministry, Pastor Chichi was the one with a job and a salary that financially supported her Husband, Children and the Ministry without complaining. She just believed in her husband, his Vision and the message God had given him.
And in those years, Bishop Tudor Bismark, gave himself to 8 hours of daily immense prayer and more hours to rigorous study and self-education, as he was a Grade 7 dropout with no formal education, and one of the things he read every day, amongst many different subjects, was the English Dictionary, determined to break the usual normal 350 English words limit that most English speakers are confined and limited to.

For over 12 years, he, his wife and Children walked a considerable distance to Church as none of their Driving Church members at that time were willing to help them with a lift to their Church services, but he clung on to his God, and he was not about to compromise in any way, despite all the pain and several unanswered questions he had.

”It didn’t seem like life was working. Nothing seemed to work for me financially no matter what and how much I tried. I was walking everywhere for many years while in Ministry to where I had to run errands, pray for the sick, attend to Church members and to speaking and preaching engagements, until much later in life.”

Bishop has often testified, ”It was when I turned 40 years when everything suddenly just exploded and my life drastically changed.”

Today, we all know and appreciate Bishop Tudor Bismark, as one of the most profound Thinkers of our time, who incontrovertibly Walks in and with God, a man of Clear purity and clear integrity, and of no exaggerations of his many significant roles and accomplishments in the Globe, a well sought after Preacher and most sought after Speaker from the Continent of Africa, a leadership expert at every level, addressing Heads of States at the Annual African Union Breakfast, and speaking at Leadership Conferences in the USA, Asia and Europe, and treasures Ministerial and personal friendships with people such as Bishop David Oyedepo, Mensa Otabil, Bishop T.D Jakes, also ministers for the G.O, Pastor E.A Adeboye of The Redeemed Church for their Nigerian camp meetings (a monthly gathering of more than one million Christians), The Experience in Lagos, and other significant events in the World, preaching an undiluted and uncompromised Gospel without apology.

Married for 37 years to his best-friend, Ministry partner, and Travel companion, this man of immense humility, Father of Four Boys, Bishop Bismark’s message is simply; “I love my God, I love my family, I love The Church and I love my Nation.”

I Love, admire and Celebrate Pastor Chichi Bismark, a young pretty, vibrant Woman, who could have married any rich man then, but was obviously intimate with her God enough to look for something beyond riches, refused to look at her man with a natural eye as everyone around her seemed to be doing, perceived his Great Future, and dared to look and see beyond his natural circumstances then and genuinely Loved him for who he is and not what he had.

I usually say, Sacrifice is bearable where true Love abounds.

I Love and celebrate Bishop Tudor and Chichi Bismark today, Global sought after, African, Zimbabwean born and raised, Influential Leaders to admire and emulate. Africa’s Gems and God’s Living Generals.

With Love, Your African Zambian, Bemba Girl, Mwila Mwila.

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