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Covid19 Has Made Nonsense Of Money And Power- Sam Adeyemi

This season is helping us to re-evaluate everything. There are loads of things we thought we could not do without, that we are doing without now and we are not dead yet.

I read a story of a lady whose Dad passed on, died because of the covid19 disease and the Dad was a billionaire. She said, “look, my Dad was in a hospital gasping for something that is free when he had loads of money at home and the money could not save him”, he was gasping for oxygen, air.

So, I realised… oh my God! How many of us actually stop to thank God that we can breathe, to be grateful for oxygen? We were running our lives in a frenzy. Because as powerful as man is, as accomplished as we are, as advanced technologically as we are, something showed up that even presidents can not handle.

So, a virus, something we can not even see, that makes me to realise… Mr, if the is someone that is more powerful than man, you had better make sure you have relationship with him.

The second thing am learning is, learn to value family. Value God and then value family because right now it’s our family, it’s our loved ones we are having to stay with; and then learn to value relationship, and after that, just value everybody else, love people, value relationships.

I mean this things had made nonsense of money, this thing has made nonsense of power; it killed the rich, it killed the poor. It’s an opportunity for us to re-evaluate our values and I’m simply saying from a scriptural point of view, family is important, family is valuable.

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