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Difference Between A Dreamer From Every Other Dreamer- Sam Adeyemi

You must be an action oriented person. Action is the only difference between you and others who have dreams. Some people for five straight years can be dreaming. On this planet things don’t move by themselves, if you see anything that is moving, there is a force that is moving it.

It is only those who make moves that make waves. The world only moves for the man and woman who moves himself or herself. Push yourself to do that thing you need to do. Break free from procrastination. Destiny delayed is the devil delight. It does not matter how powerful your destiny is, as long as you are hesitating, Satan is excited.

The world will not recognize you for what you are planning to do but for what you have done. Take action, make a move. As you do, please be conscious that you are running against a culture that is rooted in failure, poverty, mediocrity and underdevelopment. please understand that you bear the responsibility of your generation. Take the responsibility, it is God given responsibility. Don’t allow people to seduce you to stay in the same mediocrity that they have been in when you have not make plenty of money. You don’t have to hold a party and scatter all the money and waste it, you must have a culture of saving and investing.

Do what you have to do, whether it is popular or not. If God have shown you that you will be a governor, then who will come and pick you from your bedroom to be a governor? You will have to take active steps to get there.

I used to be scared before, but I discovered that success will not come to you, you have to swim out to meet it. He who wait for perfect condition will never get anything done. Don’t wait for things to happen, make them happen.  Once you know it is God who gave you the vision, don’t give up until it comes to pass…..

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