Don’t Be A Talkative, It Can Close Doors To Your Destiny || Apostle Joshua Selman

Some of these things look little but this is what make leaders out of people. Leaders are calm people. They are people who look into things. Because someday, somebody is going to talk about your life, business and ministry.

I remember one woman who met me, she said this koinonia we emphasis on the Holy Spirit, not Jesus. She said that’s witchcraft, that the sign of the end time. And the person was hoping I will respond to it and I just kept quiet and give God glory.

[I pray for you in the name of Jesus, may you not run your mouth in the presence of your enemy and give him the key to destroy your life]

From the abundance of your heart, the mouth speaketh. And then it ruins your life and then close doors of destiny over your life. Many things have been shut in our life because of this mindset.

Somebody comes and gossip to you and immediately he finishes the gossip and you tell the person, let’s hold hands and pray for her. And the person is shock and embarrass and does not know what to do and tomorrow they mark you as a real Christian.

Do you know why many preachers messages are not strong on the pulpit? They know you outside of pulpit. They know your life of gossiping and backbiting, they know your insincerity handling the things of the kingdom. And so when you say, “God will bless you”, the word are little, they don’t carry weight.

[May God give you the gift of a friend that has discipline with words. May God give you the gift of a friend that will use his word to bless you]

You may not understand the implication of what am teaching you.
I don’t want us to say, “Lord send the rain”, I’m teaching you practical issues that will make you exceptional. People will look at your life and your ideologies will be compelling and people will come and say what is the frame work of your mind? And you will let them know that our Lord Jesus Christ have transformed your life.

You will see job that you did not apply for, comes to you only because of your calmness. Everything is not just about your certificate. You will find out when you finish, that it takes more than a certificate to reign.

Preachers, God will not trust you with innocent people because you can not hear their cases and keep quiet. There are pastors God can not trust them with large members, because the day you know that one member is a billionaire, that day everybody in the church will know that person is a billionaire and they will strangle him. Everybody will come and say we are soliciting for financial support and run him down because he gave you a tithe of his billion.

I want to make leaders out of us.. Not just men who are tongue talkers but people who have wisdom for living. Never be the one to entertain gossips, be the one to drive that atmosphere away, so that God will come and bless you. Let it not be your room that whenever they want to run down people, your room is the place where they meet.

Let your room be the place, when they talk of destiny, when someone’s life is down. He said, “I know I will go to Sam’s house, because if I can find my way there, I will find God, I will find hope”.

Many of us have made ourselves cheap. When you started out, people respected you because you were a man of few words. Right now, you have become a talkative and gradually you see your respect is going down.

These are the principles that bring honour to your life.
Value honour more than money..
Value honour more than reputation..
Money can not give you honour but honour can give you blessings.
The ability to recognise and reward your difference, that’s what we call honour.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Talkative, It Can Close Doors To Your Destiny || Apostle Joshua Selman

  • Rachael Ukpanah

    This is a good advice. Glory be to JESUS for this wisdom


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