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Dr Paul Enenche || Stop Forcing Whatever Is Not Working

Dr Paul Enenche; It is not all the time the vehicles spoiled on the road, that it was the devil. There are times it was Jehovah interrupting a journey to save you from disaster in front.  You hear what I just said? At times He gave you a purposeful flat tyre to slow you down in order not to run into calamity. Any time a journey is not trying to happen, don’t force it to happen.

Not every time the contract spoiled, that it was the devil. There are times it was Jehovah trying to rescue you from a temptation you must not be in. He made the job not to work

Not every time a relationship, marital relationship that you thought the man was going to marry you and vice versa. Not all the time it spoils, that it was an attack. There are times that God only just decided to interrupt an agenda the devil was packaging you for “an occultic person”. He may not be occultic now but he will use you to look for money tomorrow. Where many people are angry with God, the same God who interrupted their schedule to save them.
“In our place, they said when you are driving hen from the highway, it will be angry eyeing you saying you are depriving it of eating corn, not knowing that you are saving his head”. Everywhere in the whole world, he doesn’t know where to find corn except aminu kano express way. And you were driving it and usering it away. He said “look at this wicked man, he does want me to eat corn”.
They say “it is your head I am saving, you can eat this corn today and that is the last corn you eat for life, you become food yourself

That is how some are quarreling with the God who saved them from the highway of disaster but they thought he prevented them from eating corn.
That was what happened to even Saul of Tarsus, he suffered, he had disaster. That Journey he was going gre gre gre, God interrupted. Next thing he lifted up his eyes and was blind for 3 days.
The blindness was accompanied with compulsory fasting no food for 3 days but when he recovered, he took the world upside down. Today, if any pastor preaches for one month or one year and he has not said Paul the Apostle said, you may not need to listen to him because that pastor is cutting you off from half of the New Testament.

One pastor was pastoring outside Nigeria, he came only to Nigeria for Christmas or something. Before he could return back, they denied him visa to go back. You are not going anywhere remain in your country. congregation there(outside Nigeria), remain in your country(Nigeria). “Lord what are you saying”, Lord say “remain here”. The outcome of that was an explosion.
Because there are so many people on a journey that God is not and if God is not on your journey, the storm is in front. In case you are in doubt, ask Jonah.

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