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How I Got My First Brand New Car || Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman: One time, when I got married. My wife likes new things. If my wife should want anything, it has to be brand new, she doesn’t like anything they have used. And me, I used to like tokunbo cars..
My first car tokunbo
Second car tokunbo
My wife will look at the car and say it’s fine but I like what is new.

I became angry.. car is car, so long it can carry you.

One time, we were driving, my wife looked at a car, it was a brand new corolla. My wife said that car is fine and new.

I did not have money for brand new car. I went to ask for the cost of that particular car, I was told 4 million because I wanted to surprise her… I said God  forbid, what am I doing with 4 million naira car. A year later, I went to ask for cost of same car, I was told is now 6million…. haaaaa!

One day, I sat on my own, somebody walked up to me from Portharcourt and brought a key and it was a car. I peep outside, it was that particular car… brand new!

When I got home, I called my wife.. come here, what is wrong with you? When she came, I gave her the car key, she was shocked, then she asked if I bought it? I said no, I got it. She said my husband how? Brand new!

When it goes hard for the world, it goes soft for the church. The darker your night, the brighter your light. For the path of the just is like a shining light..

You want the best.. Jesus must be involved.

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