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How I Was Delivered From Stagnation In Church– Pastor David Ibiyeomie

You are in church for 60 years does not guarantee knowledge. There are some people who deceive themselves with how long they have been born again… If you don’t know it, you don’t know it! So, you should be sincere to yourself that “This thing is not working. I want deliverance from this area of my life”.

I wanted deliverance from stagnation in church, I sat down with Yonggi Cho books. I ate the books and said, “God, how will your church grow, I want to be delivered from mediocrity”. I sat down with books on excellence. You don’t wish knowledge, you settle for knowledge.

Invest in knowledge. Don’t buy clothes, buy knowledge and you will buy the clothes.
Buy books and read
Sit with the Bible
Eat the word
And you will see how cheap the devil is…

Don’t magnify the devil, the devil is under your feet..the devil is too small to harass you. If you have been harassed by the devil, it is spiritual ignorance!
He uses what you don’t know to buffet you. Anywhere Satan is buffeting you, he knows the light you have is not enough.

Now, he is bringing poverty to people, making them believe is the economy. Economy is not the reason, it is spiritual ignorance of prosperity. No economy can make a man who has light to be poor…

You will never see shame anymore..

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