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How To Fall In Love And Not Fall Into Trouble || Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman:
1. Understand the manufacturer, every man and woman is a product, until you know the manufacturer, you can not understand the product. Never fall in love with a man or woman until you have fallen in love with God. If somebody comes to you and say, “I want to date you” “I want to have a relationship with you”. If you know you don’t have relationship with God, refuse that person, because is your relationship with God that will guide your relationship with the person.

2. There are too many young people that are inside the cage because they are in a relationship with some lunatic. You are in a relationship with somebody who is always distrusting and accusing you, is because he’s not in love with God. If he fears God, and he knows you fear God, he won’t distrust you.

3. If you are conscious of your dressing, wearing short clothes or anything exposing your body, real men do not go after the container, they check the content. When you dress nakedly, you will get a man that will take you out. When you dress properly, you get a man that will take you in.

4. Understand your limit. Anything that has no control, is not important. Anything that has value must have control. That is why in the world today, no matter how big a company is, there are regulatory bodies that tells you your limit.

5. Never date an unbeliever. If you marry an unbeliever, then the devil will be your father in-law.

6. Never date or marry a married man/woman. No married man can love you than his wife.

7. Do not marry for the wrong reasons. When you want to get married, you must have a reason to marry. Don’t get married because you are getting old, that’s a wrong reason to marry. You marry when you discovered purpose or assignment.

8. When a man comes to you and say he want to marry you, seat him down and give him pen to write his life goal, for you to see it.. Don’t leave your parents house that you are very sure of, into the house of a man you are not sure of.

9. Don’t marry because of gift or money.

10. Don’t marry because of beauty. Beauty does not keep a home.

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