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How To Get What You Want From God Through Prayer. || Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman: Only when you know your assignment as a witness and you understand the purpose behind everything God gives you. Now, your prayer and your wanting things will make sense.

“Oh..in the name of Jesus, I will never be poor”, I agree with you but to what end? I came from a background, I’ve suffered, I want to enjoy my life before I die. That’s not a wise man approach.

I desire this wealth because base on the blueprint of the mandate given to me, I understand that kingdom financing have a major role to play in Kingdom come, and since God had called me to play that role, with Jesus joy, He will send you resources beyond your widest imagination because there is purpose connected to it.

We have to repent and manage our blind passion for things that are not connected to God’s divine program. It will always lead us to destruction. Before He said, give us this day our daily bread, the prayer before it, is thy Kingdom come and thy will be done.
It is with respect to the kingdom He said, give us our daily bread.
It is with respect to the kingdom that He said, forgive us our sins as we forgive those who trespass against us.
It is with respect to the kingdom He said, let us not into temptationbut deliver us from evil.

Everything was connected to our being a witness. Everything you have within you, must work together to see Jesus Glorified, to see Jesus revealed. Until and unless you get to that point, believe me, you may be a believer but you are not pleasing the Lord.

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