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Apostle Joshua Selman: Every time you open the scriptures, there are three things that you are looking out for;
** Promises
    Every time you open scriptures, what you are searching for are promises. Promises represent the boundary of God commitment to the believers as far as your earth work is concerned. God is almighty, but the system of administering His love and His power is with respect to the provision scriptures has allowed. God can not bless a man outside of the allowance that scriptures gives.

 If you don’t understand this, you will eventually get into superstition. God can do all things but the operation of Jesus Christ as revealed from scripture  is base on the truth of scripture(that means if you want to know how far God can go over your life, find what He has said here). God is only committed to what He has said, not what you want. God is not committed to what you want, He’s only committed to what you want, if what you want is consistent to what He has said.

If your needs have no provision here in scripture, then it will not come to pass.

It’s not longevity in church that makes maturity, it’s the awareness that God does not lie, he’s a God of integrity and also a God of ability. If we can find what He said, then we can commit Him.

Genesis 21:1-2

God did not do to Sarah what she wanted, God did to Sarah what He has said.

Every time you write a prayer request, don’t you think because you prayed on it, it will be answered. The first requirement, is that you must connect every request to the scriptures that gives you a guarantee of answer.

This is why scripture-less prayer is useless prayer, except you are praying in tongues. If you are praying a prayer that is not Word base, there is no scriptural platform for God to be committed. God is touched by the feeling of our infirmity but He’s moved by His word. Just because He has compassion towards you, does not mean things would be solved. He Himself has chosen to submit to His word, that He exalt His word above His name.

All this superstition things flying around is why some people are puff up with knowledge that does not produce predictable spiritual reward. There is nothing you can do against the truth but for the truth.

So, the Bible contains promises, what has God said concerning me. God has spoken so many things concerning us. It is your assignment to work in partnership with The Holy Spirit to find it. They are life to those who find them. And those who find, receive finding as their harvest for seeking, because the Bible the law is that everyone that seeketh, findeth.

Finding is not for men of God…
Finding is not for those in ministry…
Finding is for seekers…

If you seek, you will find..

I want to rise in life and destiny.. Oh God, I know, I can’t be a failure. What is your basis? Bring forth your strong reasons..
I’m tired of suffering..No! That is not the basis for victory. WHAT HAS THE BIBLE SAID?

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  • Ayodele Agoke

    How do I go about knowing and quoting the scriptures cautiously and unconsciously, in fact to be a walking Bible thanks


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