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It Is God That Does It, Not Man || Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman: My trip to Austra, I went through Abuja. When I was moving through the screening point to take off my shoes, a man ran after me but some people blocked him. So, I told them to let him come.

The man came… He said, “Apostle, I’av been looking for you for more than 10years”, he said, “I will still come to your church to share this testimony”. I said “okay, I don’t know what you are talking about”.

He said “over 10years ago, I lost my son and my daughter was in coma for 14months”. They said he should take away the oxygen and he refused because he was pained.

He said, “somebody called him and said why not call Apostle Johnson Suleman”. He said “no”, because he was an orthodox member, he don’t believe in Pentecostal. Father has come, father has prayed, he said!

Later on he collected my number and said, he reluctantly called me two to three times but I didn’t pick and you send me a message “send a text”. He said your reply increased my anger(i said this matter is coma, not text matter).

He said “I sent you a message that my daughter was in coma and you replied “okay, call me later”, he got angry again…

His sister asked him, “have you called him?”, he replied, “don’t mind him, that man is a wicked man”. After a while, he called again and I responded, “please send a text again”. He said “but I was the one that sent the text before” and I called him “alright, is your daughter there?”, he said “No, she is in the hospital, that’s where she stays, I pay for them to clean her and put her in oxygen”.

He said, I said “In Jesus Name, tomorrow, your daughter will be fine” and I hung up the phone.

He said he became very angry but when he entered the hospital the next day morning, the doctors ran and carried him because his daughter removed the oxygen by herself and stood up from the bed after 14months.

To make matter worse, while we were still at the airport, he pointed to a light skin girl, he said “that’s my daughter” and he said to the daughter, “you remember the man I said, he said all that?”, the girl said “Yes”, he said that’s the man, the girl(fully grown) dropped all she was holding, ran to hug me, she said “thanks for saving my life”. I said, I didn’t save your life, God did! where the word of a king is there is power…

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