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Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo || Three Things Marriage Will Do For You

Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo: Three things marriage will do for you.

  1. Marriage Will Develop Your Character.

Ephesians 5:33 However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.

Interestingly, it sound easy but it is the hardest thing to do in marriage. Why? Because men are naturally selfish, they think of themselves. So, when you ask a man to love, you are telling him to go out of his comfort zone, to think of someone else. And God knew he(man) was going to be selfish, then God said love your wife the way you love yourself.
If you don’t want to suffer, don’t let your wife suffer..
If you don’t want somebody to shout at you, don’t shout at your wife..
If you don’t want somebody to beat you, don’t beat your wife…
If you want somebody to dash you money, dash your wife money..

For women, let me tell you why submission is hard. Is not that submission is not achievable. Submission is hard, because is hard to submit to someone you think you are better than.
God said “it is not good for a man to be alone”. I don’t know anybody who brings second version of something and make it worse, even if is only mirror they change, it’s still better. If they bring out a new phone, iPhone will never bring out iPhone 13 that is worse than iPhone 12.
So, when God said, is not good for a man to be alone, I will make him a help meet(I will make an improve version of him). Obviously, everything that was missing in man, good put it in a woman. So, men will take forever to make a decision, a woman will be thinking and talking.
Men are one direction, if a man is thinking, he’s not talking. If a man is working, he can’t eat. If a man is eating, he can’t drive. But a woman will eat, work, do homework, carry babies, attend to the man, do everything at the same time.

A woman will think process-fast and the thing about women is, even if the thing is not working, let’s be moving first. We’ll be solving it as we go.
Men wants to solve the problem, think about it(which day will it now start?). Men want to get university school fees before they getting  married. “Make we first start to dey born na, shebi d pikin go first go creche. Then we’ll be saving money for primary. When we reach primary, we save for secondary. Which one is you want to get everything before you propose to me. Haha..sir, there is no time”.. says the woman.
And God said this is the creature you are going to submit to.. offcourse, is going to be hard.

But you see when you do it(submit), your character will developed. You will know when to talk and when not to talk. You will know how to swallow your pride and let the man make the mistake and come back and yet you won’t say I told you so. You will develop character.  All those things they have been teaching you before that you did not get, when you get married….. Ha.. love is blind, marriage is an eye opener.
“Be patient”, they are telling you be patient now, you don’t want to hear. Once you enter marriage, you will learn it by force.
Just be married, you will learn patience, you will learn kindness, you will learn forgiveness.  Marriage is a union of two forgivers. You prepare your forgiveness down because that offence will happen. They must offend you in marriage.

1 Corinthians 7:28 But if you do marry, you have not sinned; and if a virgin marries, she has not sinned. But those who marry will face many troubles in this life, and I want to spare you this.

It just mean that it will inconvenience you. When you are single person, if you are hungry and you don’t feel like cooking, you will buy biscuit, make indomie. But when you get home, no matter how tired you are, if your husband feels like eating pounded yam, your children are hungry, you will have to cook. You will cook everyday. You will learn consistency. It’s character building.

2. It Will Bring You Blessings.

Don’t wait to be blessed before you get married. Marriage brings blessing. He said he that finds a wife find a good thing and obtains favour. He says two are better than one because they receive a good reward for their labour.
He says it is not good for a man to be alone, meaning, it is gooder or better for him to be married.

Proverb 12:4 A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones.

That means when you get married, is the season you enter into your kingship because your wife is a king maker(she carries favour).

3. It Gives You Opportunity To Expand God’s Kingdom.

As Christians, that’s our major assignment. One of the easiest way to evangelize is to  have a great marriage.
If you are married to someone, one of the things you will be able to do is ministry. Ministry is not always about having a pulpit, in fact, I believe anywhere you pull people out of the pit, is your pulpit.
So, whatever area you find yourself, you can do ministry. Marriage is ministry, my marriage is ministry. I don’t do all the things I do for my husband just for him because I like him. I do it for Jesus, I do it to show people what will happen if you allow Jesus into your life.
Does he not annoy me? Steady..
Do I not annoy him? Everyday…
But we can show you what will happen if you are yielded to Christ.

It will also give you opportunities to do ministry in terms of expanding God’s Kingdom by parenting Godly seed. That what God wants from your marriage.
Two of you want to have sex, enjoy..
Two of you want to build house, enjoy..
Two of you want to travel, enjoy..
But you see, just give me Godly seed. And Godly seeds is not well behaved children, it is seed that have God’s nature in them. So you will sitdown and take time. Not children that will say “please thank you, excuse me”. Children that understand their identity in Christ.
Children that understand that, we may be in this world but not of this world..
Children that understand that, in a little while, the Lord is coming back and we’ll be raptured together with Him.
Children that understand that, as far as they leave here, they will live right with the consciousness of God.
Children that are not ashame to speak in tongues.
Children that knows that they must study the word.
Godly seed… That’s ministry! Your home is your church and you are the pastor and priest of your home

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