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Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo || Two Ways To Have Deeper Bond In Marriage.

Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo: Two ways to have deeper bond in your marriage.

  1. You Must Find Time To Fellowship With Each Other.

If you pray with someone, you form a deep bond with that person and I find a lot of couples don’t really pray, they pray at each other.
Family devotion is more how we quarrel lowkey, so you raise prayer points “father let us pray for people that are not very generous because the Bible says that he that waters shall be watered, so everyone who does not water in this family Lord touch their heart”

It’s because you asked your husband for money yesterday and he did not give you, that’s why you have turned into to prayer points. I find a lot of people do those things, sometimes it’s not really about prayer points, it’s about two of us together in the presence of God. There’s just something about that unity(me, you and God) worshiping God together. It’s not a battlefield where I raise one prayer point you counter my prayer point with another one and I find that people do that but if you pray for each other whether you are in that prayer place together or not and you pray together, it makes a huge difference.

I know how Nigeria is and sometimes also how we are as people. Let me use my husband as example. My husband goes to bed at about 4am, I wake up at 4:30am. So we really have to book appointment to pray together. In the morning, he’s too drowsy and anything you tell me after 9am, you’re on your own but for my husband, that 9am is when his day is starting and so if he says let’s pray at night, I’m not very okay. So we have to plan when we pray together.
Don’t make excuse because we’ll never find the time. You can plan!
That’s when, I book our own appointment to pray together.

2. Make Sure You’re Having Fun.

If you don’t have fun in your marriage, you will not enjoy being with someone. So make sure you having fun. Do fun things, find things that can make you guys bond, spend time together, watch movies together, go out together, doesn’t even have to be functions just two of you, if you can afford it, travel together at least once a year without the children. And I’m not even saying travel abroad, you can travel anywhere even if it’s your village just without the children.
Traveling with children will still work.

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