Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo


There is a lot of disfunctionality in our homes,marriages, family life and others. There are four kinds of wives that have now translated into four kinds of parents. And we are dealing with three major generations(our parent generation, our generation and our children generation). The illiterate of the 21st century are not the people that can not read and write, but those who can not unlearn and relearn.

The generation of our parents is what I called the structured generation. What you see is what you get(sitdown, come here…you can’t even ask questions).

Our generation is the transition generation. Our generation is a handover generation. We don’t even know if Jesus tarries, what will eventually come.

Alot of times, father think it is only mothers that should take care of children and raised children and drop children off. Times have changed if you don’t want to lose your children. Because it is the child nurtured today that will nourish you in the evening of your life. Whether you are a man or woman!

I did not have a great relationship with my mother and I vowed that my children won’t suffer what I suffered. I had a fantastic relationship with my father and that helped my relationship with God.

Father’s, your children are like plain sheet of paper, it is whatever you write! Don’t give those paper to house help’s.
Father’s, you can not continue to mess up other people children and expect not to reap it over your children. You can’t continue to have three girlfriends because you are not born again, even if you are not born again, nature teaches us decency. You leave your wife at home and be sleeping around, you sleep with your secretary, your house help and you expect your children to turn out well. It doesn’t work that way. LIFE IS NOT GOVERN BY MIRACLES, LIFE IS GOVERN BY PRINCIPLES. YOU SOW IT, YOU MUST REAP IT.

No Sunday school can adequately help you train your children. No school teacher can adequately help you raise your children.

Have the number of children you can rear, not the one you can bear. If you know you are not ready to rear children, please zip up and do family planning.

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