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Joyce Meyer || One Of The Problem We Have Loving Difficult People

How to love difficult people, or how to get along with people that are hard to get along with. Some of you may be experiencing more so now, maybe the person in the world you love the most is one of those people you have particular thing they do that bug u.

When you are home with somebody you are not used to all the time, it can make you crikey. One of the problem is that we try to change people and to be honest, only God can do that. Because true change comes from the inside-out. We can give people alot of rules, regulations and tell them, if you keep doing this, if you don’t do this thing, I am out of here but that’s not going to be true change. Heart has to be changed for the behaviour to be completely change.

So, try loving people the way they are, not the way you would like them to be. We all want to be accepted the way we are, and we can start that by accepting other people the way they are and if there is something about them that bug you, pray about it and make sure you pray with humility, saying, “God, I know I have plenty of stuffs to deal with but I am asking you to help with this”

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