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Priscilla Shirer || Pro Tips for Effective Grace Multiplication

Priscilla Shirer: Multiplication of Grace is tied to the hard things that we are facing, that sometimes the Lord allows it because, you’ll never see the multiplication without it. So, if you’re praying “Lord take away this thorns, Lord change this difficulty” and the Lord in his goodness and sovereignty chooses not to take away the thorn, then we begin to know we are growing up in our faith and maturing a little bit spiritually, when instead of completely caving in hopelessness or bitterness and resentment against the Lord that the thorn remains, we instead sit on the edge of our seat with our chin on our hands in holy anticipation that if he’s allowed the thorn to remain that must mean, there is a multiplication of grace that’s on the way.

So, Peter says “I came to stir you up by way of reminder that there is the same kind of faith as ours but also, there is a multiplication of grace and peace that is coming to you” and God 2 Corinthians 9:8 says, “Is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed.”
 Paul has reminded us about the same kind of faith, he has reminded us about the multiplication of peace and grace and finally, he reminds us that there are magnificent promises for anything and everything that you face. In verse three(3), he says “seeing that his divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness through the true knowledge of him who called us by his glory and his excellence.”

His divine power, he says and his precious promises have been given to you for everything that you need for life and for godliness. Please don’t miss the two layers of living that he addresses right here, everything you need, not just to live but to live in a way that honours God. He’s given you everything you need for that, for both layers, not just to keep getting up out of bed in the morning but actually to walk in a manner worthy of the calling by which you have been called.

He’s given you enough grace for that, he’s given you promises for that, he has given everything you need to be able to sustain you to not just live but to honour God in your living, to not just live, not just keep on waking up every day but to face your day with a measure of faith and hope and spiritual maturity. Everything you need to engage both of these layers of living, you have already been given even if you don’t see proof of it and even if based on your current level of apathy or indifference or lack of energy, you feel a little discouraged because you feel like this can not be true for you.
 Peter says “that’s why I came to remind you that everything you need, you already have.”
My boys are huge and they just keep getting bigger and I look at them now with all these muscles popping out and their voices are all deep and they’re walking around with their shirts off, it’s nasty..

I’m looking at all of that manliness walking around and everything that they needed to become who they currently are and will be, they already had at the moment of conception. When they were in my womb and we did that first ultrasound six or seven weeks in it, just looked like a little nut, a little ball, very small, everything though that they would develop into was already there, to the extent that I cultivated and took care of the new life that was on the inside of me, that was the extent to which they would be able to completely flourish but everything that they are now, they already had.

Everything that you need, you already have. Right now, the new life of God is on the inside of you in the person of the Holy Spirit. Do you realize that the DNA of God himself is pulsing on the inside of you and as you cultivate and keep healthy the life of God on the inside of you, everything that you will become, everything that you need to be sustained through the hardships and the difficulties and the struggles and the joys, the ups and the downs of life, everything you and I need, we already have.
Do you know that in the scriptures, there are over 8,000 promises that sons and daughters of God have been given access to? But most of them, he did not put in our hand, he put them in our reach. Which means you have the opportunity to experience God in the way that promise confirms that you should but it’s not just set in your hand, it’s in your reach that as you trust him, as you believe him, as you walk with him, as you remain connected to him, as you deepen your friendship with him, then you begin to see that outworked in your life.

 Peter says somebody needs to be reminded today that according to Colossians 2:10, you are complete in him, the enemy wants to dull you in that regard and me, he wants to make us think that we need to go outside of Christ, outside of what he has given us, to find completion and so we become co-dependent in relationships and we become addicted to substances and we go outside of our relationship to God, to find stuff that he has already given you access to, but every treasure that you need, it’s already there, if you’ll just open the book. Some things will come tumbling out of the book, some treasures, some insights, some details, some strengthening power will come tumbling out for you, so that you will know that everything you need to become and to be who God has called us to be as women of God, you and I have already been given access to.
 Peter says “I just stopped by awaken to stir you up by way of reminder, to remind you of the power and the purity of our faith, to remind you of the multiplication of peace and grace and to remind you that the magnificent promises of God are yours for anything and everything that you face. Amen.

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