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Eubert Angel visits Christ Embassy at South Africa and was called out by Pastor Chris to minister prophetically to God’s people.

He said; prophesying while having the watchful eye of your pastor observing everything is not an easy fit, especially taken into consideration the calibre of my pastor(Pastor Chris).

After ministering alongside Pastor Chris, He also said; I am being revived in this place. It should be noted that … this is not for filling up stadiums, I filled many.

Its not about popularity- I am popular. It’s not for healing power , I have been used in that in a measure, it’s not for me to prophesy.. in case you haven’t figured it out “I am PROPHET ANGEL” It’s not even for me to be rich, God blessed me in that area and many other areas and the list goes on. Pastor Chris is for BeBe and I to be revived in our spirits.

He is for our personal edification. He is for our spirits. He is for us reconnecting with our genesis and by extension our friends partners and spirit embassy benefit though at its core it is a spiritual but very personal issue. It’s God’s direction that dates back to 2003. With that I say God has been extraordinarily merciful!

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