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Reasons For Unthankfulness || Dr. Paul Enenche

  1. It is an agenda of the enemy to rob people of the value and virtue of thanksgiving(John 10:10)
  2. It is a plague of human self sufficiency and independence of God that is characteristic of the endtime(2. Timothy 3:2)
    People want to make God feel that they can survive without God.
  3. It is the product of scarcity of faith in the endtime(Luke 18:7). It takes faith to appreciate. It takes faith to know it is God who did it and it is faith to thank God for what He’s yet to do. Faith is disappearing. People don’t believe in God anymore.
  4. It is a product of bankruptcy of love for God(Matt 24:12). It takes affection to show appreciation. A man does not love his wife, so he doesnt value her and he can’t say thank you for anything. Affection and love for God will make you appreciate Him for what He does.
    When you love people, you appreciate them..
    When you value people, you appreciate them..

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