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Joseph Prince || Repentance Under The Old Covenant And Repentance Under Grace

It is possible to be converted and not be consecrated. In other words, you are just saved. You go to church on Sunday but it doesn’t really show you your purpose, where you are suppose to be in the house of God, where you are suppose to be functioning… You don’t care! Peter was like that.

The Bible tells us that Jesus still had to cultivate him. Jesus brought him out of darkness by the revelation of who He is “The Messiah” and now Jesus had more work to do on him. One day He was walking by the lake of Galilee and he was washing his net and the Bible says the multitude press on Jesus and there were two boats but Jesus chooses to step into the one that belongs to peter.

And Jesus said “go on into the deep”(by the way, they have worked all night and caught nothing and Jesus said go into the deep and drop your nets for a big catch) and Peter said master we have worked all night but caught nothing and He obeyed Jesus ”never the less, at your word, I will let down the net”. They caught so much fishes and the net began to break because the supply was greater than the means to contain it because Jesus told him to let down the nets(plural) but Peter let down a net(singular). God always thinks bigger than you. God thinks bigger exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask of Him.

When they pulled the net into the boat, the boat began to sink. Peter fell at Jesus feet and said, “depart from me, I’m a sinful man”….something happened to Peter! It is the goodness of God that leads men to repentance.

He did not repent first before Jesus gave him the catch of fish. Jesus bless him first and that brought him to repentance. You must understand that, in the Old Testament and the Law, you will have to change before God can bless you but on the Grace, God blesses you first and you change. The goodness of God will lead you to repentance!

We preach repentance but we preach it under the new covenant.

He realise all of a sudden, this man is no ordinary man, He is the son of God. He was introduced by Andrew as the Messiah but now he sees Him as the son of God. 
……oh my goodness, I’m in the presence of God in the flesh. That’s why he fell at Jesus feet and said, “depart from me, I’m a sinful man”. It was his sense of holiness! 
And Jesus said, do not be afraid, from now on you will catch men..

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