Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo

Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo — God Has The Last Card On Every Matter, Don’t Give Up

Sometimes, you think that God has forgotten you. Sometimes, you think that God did not hear you.
My husband and I have a set of twins. They are 5years old, a boy and a girl. Recently, I said to my sister, “are these children really growing? I want them to be very tall”. And my sister said this to me and it thought me a lesson. She brought out the pant we bought for the twins 6months ago. She said to me “mummy see, you remember when the pant is on the ground, see where it is now.

Contradiction can not cancel the covenant. You may not see the wind. In fact the most important things on earth, things that power things are invincible. You don’t see electricity but without electricity you won’t be able to hear me. Most of the powerful things are invincible but that does not deny it existence. You may not see it. The absence of a matter is not a proof of it absence. Please, know that God is working behind the scene. God may not be instant but He’s always and always constant and consistent.

Refuse to give up, refuse to be dissolutioned, refuse to be disappointed because God has the last card on every matter. It may look as if “what is going on. I don’t believe in God anymore”….NO! That’s a f○○lish talk. Just like our twin, we didn’t know they were growing. If you are not careful, what you have been seeing, you may no longer see. That’s what happens in marriages.

You use to see your wife as beautiful. Because you use to see and seeing and you no longer see. That’s why they say marriages break even after twenty something years. Familiarity! Just because I see those children everyday, I did not know they were growing, until the pant prove it to me.

For instance, my daughter comes back from Canada and I look at her and say, “you have grown o’. Because familiarity did not allow me to see that they are growing. That’s why even in marriage, men are like elastic, sometimes your husband just want to be alone, let him be. He will come back.

God is working behind the scene. That’s what I want to let you know. The fact that you don’t see. The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. Sometimes is happening, but your attitude when you don’t have evidence, is important. Don’t give up. Don’t speak any rubbish. If you don’t know what to say, pray in tongues or give thanks.

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