Apostle Joshua Selman


Apostle Joshua Selman: Let me give you a little secret about the prosperity of this ministry.
Am sowing into the life of Living Faith Church
Am sowing into the life of Kenneth Copeland
Am sowing into the life of Benny Hinn
Am sowing into the life of Reinhard Bonnky
Am sowing into the life of Prophet Kobus

When I got up, I went to South Africa. I was fasting and I was praying. I didn’t go to show that I’m going abroad, I had serious business there. There was a carrier of anointing, others where discussing and criticising, I said Lord, “I know there is Grace”.

Smith Wigglesworth laid his hands on lester sumron and and Prophet Kobus was with Sumrall for one week and he laid his hands on me. When I went there, Kobus looked at me, he said I want to connect you to the lineage of the Generals and laid his hands on me three times.

Sorry for the people who carry every kind of rubbish news. Is not by age, if you understand the principles, you will rise.

My mother and my father laid their hands on me and bless me for ministry and this is why I can never fail. You don’t know the hands and anointing that is responsible for what you are seeing… I respect the carriers of these anointing!

I sow into the life of blessed people. Dr. Mike Murdock, one of my greatest financial mentors, he carries what am looking for. When he came to COZA, I couldn’t make it, I was streaming in my room and praying in tongues for 6hrs everyday beginning to the end of that program. I paid for the Internet what I would have paid for my hotel bills.

Some of you just wake up and say, “how are these people getting their anointing” and all kind of stories. When you don’t celebrate an anointing, forget about walking in it. I will never allow a man who is greater than me, do what I can do for him. I go to shop to buy something and I see an elderly woman, over my dead body for that woman to pay that money if I can pay… He must not be a pastor!

You want to raise children, you see a woman that raised 8children, all of them are discipline, there is an anointing. You can tap into it!

I see ministries that represent the things I want, even in the realms of prosperity. I couldn’t understand the prosperity on Oyedepo’s life, I study this man and I read his books, I couldn’t find the key. I said, “Lord, what kind of thing is this guy” and the Lord said, one day you are going to sow into his life. The day the Lord told me, I went to canaan land and I sowed into that anointing. I came out to enter the car and the Lord told me, “come out” and I came out. He said, “Kneel down on that ground”, i knelt down and laid my hands and the Lord said, “from today, everywhere you go, the land will open for you”.

And people keep criticising… When you find a man prospering, find out what laws is being operated. Is God that oversees His laws.

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