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Secret For Church Growth || Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman: One day, I was praying, because I was having a program. This happened years ago. In those days, when I’m having a program, I will fast and pray for the program. I never knew that was a major error. Praying “O God, these program show your power, let Grace come” I was doing that a lot and some of you still do that. Am not critical of you because I was like you. Vigil, I will pray and fast, even on the day of the program, I will still be on fasting which is an error. One day, I¬†was praying for a program “O Lord, let every open heaven heals the sick, let there be harvest of soul, let there be move of your spirit” and I felt a hand touched me, I turned and there was nobody and heard a voice “son”, I said , “yes Lord”. He(God) said sit-down and I sat down. He said, “I have no problem touching the people, I have no problem with reaching the people, I only have problem with you”. “It is only a broken man that can break men”. He said, “my son, the problem is not the people, focus on your life, all these prayer you have been praying for days concerning these program, if you had prayed it for your life, you would have been a better person”. “Do you know why you fasted for 300 and 500days for your church and nothing changed? It is not the church that has the problem, it is you”

So, the reason no solution is that God knows we are genuinely fasting but your expectations is wrong. If you can channel that prayer to your life “to make me closer to God”, the work will sort itself…..

There is no dead church, there are only dead men. Take a living man to a dead place, the place will come alive. But we have a problem where we think that the problem is about the ministry. There is difference between study to preach and study to be molded. Those who study to preach, we preach and something will happen through them and not happen to them. God told me, I have no problem with the work, I’ve problem with the worker. When the minister grows, the ministry grow. So, please stop been bothered by the church, be bothered about developing and working on yourself. God does not grow the ministry until He has grown the minister. God said to me, I’ve no problem with power, I only have problem with the carrier.

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One thought on “Secret For Church Growth || Apostle Johnson Suleman

  • Fred Obugo

    This message is an eye opener. I just discovered I have been applying the wrong keys why praying and preparing for programme as a minutes of God. Thanks for this message.


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