Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo


Please single ladies don’t marry a lazy man, don’t marry a man that doesn’t know what the future holds for him, a man that is clueless of tomorrow, a man that doesn’t have something worth doing, a man without vision.

Laziness is a sickness, it is equally infectious and the most painful part of it, is that Laziness is a sin, God despises laziness.

Laziness did not just end in being physically lazy, we also have mental laziness. Don’t marry a man that cannot think, he can pray but he cannot think, please don’t marry such a person because if you do so, you will have problems in marriage.

Alot of people waste their time praying over matters that can be sorted out through thinking, when God has already blessed everyone of us between ten and fourteen billion cells in our brain.

When I met my husband, I was not a graduate and I was not even in the university but my husband was in University, so I said to myself that if am not careful, that a time will come when I will no longer fit the standard of my husband, so I decided to improve myself because my husband had become a pastor and the church was exploring, governors were coming to summit to him, they were coming to worship in the church, so I said to myself that as God is lifting this man( husband) , I better lift myself so I went back to school even after giving birth to four children.

Marriage should not be the end of your life please, there are people who got married and their love for God died in that marriage, don’t let marriage quench your love for God.

Please be a strategic thinker even as a man and as a woman, think and bring out treasures, think and be a problem solver, build yourself mentally and also in every aspect of your life.

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