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The Cost Of Becoming King– Bishop David Abioye

The cost price for becoming a king is taking a risk.

Take the risk to become the king!

That’s what David did.

Crowns are always transferred to risk-takers.

The crown shifted from the head of the indolent, coward, non-challant King Saul to the head of a risk-taking young lad David.

Kingship is seeking for just anyone who is prepared to take the risk.

Will you take your life in your hand; sentence yourself to death?

Dare the opposition to damn the opposition.

Be prepared to die if you must preserve your life.

Life is never preserved by trying to save, hide or keep it.

Be prepared to lose it and you shall save it.

Will you risk your life for the throne!

There is no risk-free zone in life.

There is no path void of challenges.

Take that risk now and you will certainly become the next king!

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