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The Crusade I’ll Never Forget || Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman: The first crusade we did in town, was in ICE school ground. When we finished the crusade, I could not stay in my house. I have to go and hide in a hotel because my house was over crowded(this kind of person is in this town?), so I relocated from the house.

But as we went to stay there, a lady in a 505 blocked me as I was coming out. When we saw her we wanted to run because she was coming with crowd. She said, “please sir, attend to me and leave the rest”. I said, “what kind of wicked person is this? How can I attend to only you and leave the rest?”.

She said, “please sir, my own is urgent. I came from Asaba and my husband died 3weeks ago and he is in the mortuary”. Within me I said, “ehn na, he is in the mortuary, what’s my business?”.

To make matter worse, Jesus raise Lazarus(it was 4days), these one is three weeks(anything under four days, we can talk but three weeks, let the dead bury the dead). She said, “no sir, I just want you to speak to this handkerchief”(easy for me, cause she did not ask me to follow her to go and wake him).

I prayed the most faithless prayer I have ever prayed, very faithless and uninvolving. I removed myself from the prayer! I said, “Father, this woman said her husband is dead, according to her faith, honor her”(I removed myself in case nothing happen).

The lady went back to the mortuary and said she want to see her husband, they told her, 
“if you enter here, we will beat you up, are you the only one that lost somebody, everytime cry cry cry”. She said, “I just want to touch my husband with the handkerchief and he will stand up”. The word interested the attendant, he(attendant) said, “you will touch and he will stand?” and she said, “yes” and he allowed her to enter….. According to her(i was not there), she said when she entered, she was shaking.

She touched her husband with the handkerchief, nothing happened, she touched the body the second time and nothing happened, then she began to rub the body with the handkerchief, nothing happened and the attendant started laughing(madam come dey go).

While they were leaving, they heard a noise, the body rolled from where they kept it and fell to the ground. When the attendant turned, he saw the man standing up…. The attendant ran, the woman ran….

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