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The Responsible Church– Archbishop Benson Idahosa

The church is no more a place for mediocrity, not a place for abuse, not a place for inferiority, not a place for disgrace. The church is no more a place of “who are you”, the church is a place where God is worship in truth and in spirit and the people that goes to church are suppose to become according to the scripture “responsible people”

If the church can not transform you to greater responsibility and productivity and action and life and power, then the church is not doing his job.

If since you became a Christian, there is no difference in you..
if since you became a Christian, your darkness have not turn to day, there is no regeneration and transformation….
If the new birth did not change you from what you were to what God want you to be, then you are not born again yet.

Christianity is not a thing you feel, Christianity is B-I-R-T-H, to give birth to new life.

When you are born again, you don’t take sign or look for little plank and write “I am a Christian”… No! The things you do, the words you say and how you live your life shows you are a Christian.

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