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Dr. Myles Munroe || They Will Never Tell You The Reason They Love You Or Get Married To You

They Will Never Tell You The Reason They Love You Or Get Married To You
Dr Myles Munroe
*conditions and expectation in relationships*

These are very serious words in relationships. I believe the secret of love is to illiminate these two words. If you can illiminate these two words, you will move into AGAPE. As long as you have those two things in your relationship, is not love. It is what I call accommodation!

People accommodate each other, put up with each other, just to get along.

What do I mean by expectation?
If it’s based on favour and attraction, then the “expect” will continue so that the relationship could survive. I love you because you are a fine athlete (there is a condition and attraction involve). I love you but they will never tell you “because, you are an athlete” but inside, they are thinking it.

So few days, you had an accident and crippled down and you can’t participate no more. And you reach for the phone to ring,
2 weeks,
3 weeks,
5 weeks,
3 months,

They will call, “I will come very soon”, for three months, she wouldn’t show up and she will tell you, “I was kind of tired but can’t stop thinking about you” but James and I are so busy out, we couldn’t come by and see you… best friend!

The point is this, if you get married under condition, when the condition runs out, so does the love. The love will last as long as the condition..

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