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Three Seasons Between You And Your Children, Don’t miss The First Season– Rev Funke Felix-Adejumo

Nobody is young forever. In your children’s lives, there are only three seasons between you and your children..

The first season in your child’s life. You are in charge!

Sitdown! yes Daddy.. even when the child doesn’t want to sitdown..

Come here! Yes Mummy..

You are in charge. It is a season, enjoy it because it will soon end.

The second season in your child’s live. The child is in charge!

He doesn’t need to take permission from you.

Hello Mummy, I forgot to tell you, I am on my way to China… you will even be happy he called you.

The third season in your child’s life. The child is both in charge of his life and your life!

The way you managed the first season, will determine how he will determine the last season. Because when that child get married, he is going to tell your story to the spouse. So, the wife is battle ready for you…

You come visiting.. “I want pounded yam”, mummy, we can’t pound yam today, we are eating eba… What can you do?

There are three kind of children in the word. If you have boys, don’t rejoice yet that you are having children. If you have girls, don’t rejoice that you have children. What you need are kind children. .

You can have 14 children and none of them is kind. And you can have only one, and he is a kind child.

May God give you kind children..

May envious relations not turn your children’s heart away from you.. In Jesus Name!

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