MotivationalPastor Sam Adeyemi

What Real Money Is All About- Sam Adeyemi

You got to know how to do something and do it exceptionally well. You must get to understand that praying about money is not enough. Money is only a means of exchange.

There was a time in this country when people traded without money, they did trade by barter. You brought something that have value to the market and I brought something that have value to the market and exchange depending on their value.

If you brought nothing that was valuable to the people in the market, you will go home with nothing. Money is only a means of exchange.. Today we have a lot of people who pray and fast for God to give them money, when they are not willing to solve problems.

If I should pray now that like Joseph, your story will change in 24hrs, everybody will say amen. Promotion is what you get in exchange for solving a problem. Be a problem solver! Solve the problem of hunger, solve the problem of nakedness, solve transportation problem, solve housing problem, solve information problem, solve health problem. I tell people you don’t see money with your physical eyes, you see it with your mind

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