Dr Paul Enenche

What Values Does Thanksgiving Holds.|| Dr Paul Enenche

  1. Thanksgiving Grant access to good(PS.92:1)
  2. Thanksgiving provokes the auction of multiplication(Jer. 30:19-22)
  3. Thanksgiving is the way of Glorification(Jer. 30:19)
  4. Thanksgiving will activate the punishment of the oppressor(Jer. 30:20)
  5. Thanksgiving places on people the seal of nobility and greatness(Jer. 30:21)
  6. Thanksgiving grants the privilege of closeness and intimacy with God(Jer. 30:21)
  7. Thanksgiving places on people the seal of ownership(Jer. 30:22)
  8. Thanksgiving brings deliverance to life(Ps. 18:49-50)
  9. Thanksgiving turns the night to day and weeping into joy(Ps. 30:4)
  10. Thanksgiving activates the mercy of God(Ps. 136:1-26)
  11. Thanksgiving brings about completion and total restoration
  12. Thanksgiving is the way of peace(Phil. 4:6-7)
  13. Thanksgiving grants you access to the will of God(1 Thess. 5:18)
  14. Thanksgiving grants access into the presence of God(Ps. 100:4)

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