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Dr. Myles Munroe || Why Most People fail

Myles Munroe: The Bible says the Lord made the field but He did not allow anything to grow because there was no man to manage the ground, in other word, God develop you to manage the earth. His resources was sent to earth for you to be a manager of His resources and therefore God said that you will be the manager of His property on earth.

Whatever you fail to manage, you will lose! The motivation of God’s creation was management.

God primarily measure of success is management. If you can’t manage God resources, He takes them from you. Management will always attract God’s resources. God will always give you because you manage.

This is why most people fail, because management attracts resources. I remember Jesus given a seminar on management one time and He said, “if you can’t manage little, who will give you much?”, in other words, you have a gift and a talent, you got an anointing and idea but you must learn to manage resources properly and don’t waste things. God will remove from you what you mismanage.

Let’s become a discipline people! Someone asked me some years ago “Dr. Myles, I want to go into the ministry. What should I study to go into the ministry?” and I said to them, “study business administration and management” and they were shocked. And they said, “wait a minute, shouldn’t I study theology?”, I said “no… study business administration and management”, they were confused.

The secret to my success in ministry around the world, is my capacity to manage. When you are a good manager, God trust you with more and when you are a poor manager, God protect things from you.

I was 17years old when I read the story of the five thousand people that were fed by Jesus. And everybody normally see the big thing, but I look at the little things. I notice at the end of the feeding 5,000 people, He gave an instruction. He said, “pick up every crumb, waste nothing”.

Can you tell me today, what you did with your last paycheck completely and can you tell me what you did with it, if was good management?

Why would God trust in my hands millions of dollars? Because He knows I can never mismanage it. I don’t walk around with flashy clothes, with expensive ties.

Whatever you mismanage, you lose.

Start saving your money, set a goal for your gift, decide you will stop wasting God resources and God will trust you with more.

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