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TD Jakes: Women have been trained for relationships all of their life. You remember when you got the barbie and the ken and barbie and ken had a little wedding outfits and you were playing house with Barbie and Ken?

You have been practicing since you are five years old for the big day, that’s why you get so disappointed when the big day doesn’t come because you have been getting ready for it all of your life. You have been trained, you have a degree in relationships. We do not train our boys in relational skill.

Let me go deeper, you are sitting out there, and you are cooking, setting all the tea sets and you got all the plates and the dishes and sitdown and be there, you have been planning for household duties and relationships and somebody to be with you all of your life. We the boys didn’t do that..

Then you got in your teenage years and you will shut up in your room, with your Harlequin novel…

By the time you are 18years old, you know what kind of wedding gown you gonna have, you know whether you gonna wear a hat or you gonna wear a veil, you ain’t got no boyfriend, you picked out a church that the wedding is gonna be in, you know were your reception is going to be…men don’t do stuff like that, he just gets married

While the women were learning relationships, the men were learning to play games and the thing that men do very well is play games. Men play games because games have rules, the potential of winning and they score point and anything that has rules and scoring and winning, Men do well: football, basketball, baseball, hockey, any kind of game were you can score. That’s why when he start dating, he called it scoring because he thought relationship were game because men play games well.

That’s why men go to work and make money and what money means for most men is just how we keep score. And he work all week and find negotiate to get raises and to get deals and to sell products and get to business deals and to sell real estate and then come home and hand you the cheque because he doesn’t want the money, he just want to score the points…this is how we play the game and we do play the game very well.

But the only problem is when somebody changes the rules of the game and the man can’t score points, he get frustrated and start losing and when a man start losing, he starts dying because he can’t figure out what went wrong because he can’t score point and he is not winning and she don’t understand
And anytime a man can’t figure out how to win the game, he becomes bitter and angry and confused. Men measure everything and it’s all about the points..

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