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  1. Some people pray because to alleviate their fears. Most people would pray because there is something they are afraid of. And once there is fear in their life, they would pray. Prayer is more or less their expression of their fear, instead of an expression of their faith in God.
    Something threatened them..
    Something confronted them..
    And then, they prayed.
  2. Some people pray because they have a request to make or a need to meet. In these people, prayer is not in their vocabulary until there is something they are afraid of, or until there is a need to meet.
  3. Some people pray for conscience sake. Let it not be that nobody will say I don’t know God, they just pray for the sake of conscience. Let it be that I have prayed my morning prayer or my night prayer.

They pray maybe to be like someone else or to pray just to be reminded.

These are not the reasons for prayer. The question is what is prayer all about?

  1. Prayer is about the sharing of thought, feelings and emotion between the Creator and the creature. The place of prayer is a place where you come to share your thoughts, to share what you feel, to share your emotion in communion between you and your maker. Matthew 6:9
  2. Prayer is about the giving of thanks, praise and worship to the Creator, by the creature. Psalm 100:4, Psalm 150:6.

The fact that you woke up this morning, and found your heart beating and your breathe intact, is a cause for praise. Psalm 3:5.

You know is possible to have food but not to have the appetite to eat it. And is possible to have a bed but not to have the sleep to sleep on the bed. It is possible to have a car but not reach the destination.

So, whenever we are able to eat, we are able to sleep and we are able to walk, it is a cause for thanks.

  1. Prayer is about aligning the earth with the command and control of heaven.
    Thy Kingdom come means, bring this earth into alignment. Let the things about my life and destiny align with how God wants it.
  2. Prayer is about establishing the will and plan of God in our life and in our land. 1 John 5:14
  3. Prayer is about accessing our inheritance in God. Everything. It’s about getting what belongs to us in God. Matthew 6:11
  4. Prayer is about consecration, correction and cleansing.
  5. Prayer is about the neutralisation, counteraction of enemy plans, plots and devices. Matthew 6:13
  6. Prayer is a place of solutions and answers. Jeremiah 33:3

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