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10 Keys To Maximise Your Time– Myles Munroe

10 Keys To Maximise Your Time by Myles Munroe

1. Document a plan. Put a plan on what you want to accomplish in a specific time

2. Establish your priorities base on that plan.

3. Pursue your passion only. Identify your passion and go after it because so many people will distract you, you better stay with your passion. Not every invitation is a blessing, not every opportunity is a blessing. The devil greatest weapon to a disciplined man and woman is distraction, not sin. The devil knows you are too smart to commit sin, so he does something more dangerous by distracting you to do things you ain’t suppose to be doing even though they are good. Not everything that is good, is right.

4. Protect your plans and your priorities. You will be attacked by so many opportunities. You have to protect your time and priorities from other people interest.

5. Identify your value. Identify what is valuable to you, if you don’t do that, you will waste time.

6. Make decisions base on you destiny. If you know where you want to go, then design you decisions accordingly because everyone wants your time.

7. Inventory your associations. Make a list of all the people you associate yourself with and see how many of them is taking you to your vision. You will be shock to see who is wasting your time.

8. Review your investments. What are you investing your time in? People spend hours watching television. You are abusing your time!

9. Do not try to please everyone. If you want to redeem your time, stop trying to make everybody happy. You can not make everybody happy. Half of the folks who smile at you, don’t even like you. You have to redeem your time by reviewing who you trying to please. There are some people you are trying to please, who don’t like you. I like what Jesus said, “I live to please my father”, “I live to get the approval of my father”. Stop trying to get everybody’s approval. Everyone does not like what you do. You have to be careful on how you redeem that moment.

10. Forget the past and pursue and design the future. Become an architect of life. You have to sit-down and design your year. Otherwise, you will live somebody else’s year. Everything that happens should be in the association of where you want to go in life. YOU HAVE BEEN WASTING ENOUGH TIME, DO SOMETHING! Get back on track, control your future by making a plan, forget about what you didnt accomplish

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