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Indecent Dressing Among Believers In Church– Dr Paul Enenche

How can you say, you are a true worshipper, and your mother is doubting your life, your father is in doubt, your friend are in doubt, colleagues in the office are still tempting you with bribe.

In those days, when a Christian brother or sister passed, there is something you felt and there is something you saw. The atmosphere they carried and the comportment of their body did not make you ask whether they were born again.

In those days, you couldn’t look at a Christian sister and the first thing that came to your mind was lust. Because the appearance wasn’t lustful, not lust provoking, not lust appealing, not seductive.

But today, the opposite is the case. There are some that would come out to dance and some brother have to look away because chest and other part of the body are being advertised.

How is it that we are not concerned about what God feels and what the world feel. Somebody was interested in coming to know God and he saw the way you are looking and said if this is how they look in church, then I don’t need to go at all(you will give account of that soul).
Everytime you appear, you are communicating something. You may not commit immorality for life but you made people commit immorality by looking at you and by spreading the spirit of seduction

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