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Am Getting Increasingly Angry Everyday As I See Religious People Fill The Church Pews Looking As Cheated– Bishop David Oyedepo

The foundation to anything that will last, is the word of God. The word of God is the sustainable force to anything that will stand. Simple, but many are missing it daily. If only you would be diligent, you don’t need one man to pray for you to have a great future. You need light in the word and adapting totally to it. Am getting increasingly angry everyday as I see religious people fill the church pews looking as cheated, looking as confused. When the light that will show them the path, is out there in their hand.

I didn’t need one counsel to marry. The one who counsel me was wrong, so I corrected him. My spirit man was overcharged with the truth on the mystery of marriage. And the man who was to talk to me didn’t have such idea and he was trying to persuade me to expect problems. So, I told him that marriage is designed for a trouble free life. 
He said, “how do you mean?”, 
I said, “well, we have been in courtship for many years and we have never had issue”. 
He said, “it is easier like that when you are far apart to step on one another toes but when you are close by, it is impossible not to step on each other toes” and I told the man “Thank you very much”. But you and I are sitting down now, why am I not stepping on your toe, since you said closeness make it impossible?

I said two things:
1. I’m not blind..
2. I’m not wicked.. 
Minus those two, closeness is not enough for one to step on each other toes… I knock him down with my point.. Why? Because the light of heaven was overcharging my insight..

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