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Borrowing Life– Bishop David Oyedepo

We were at a place in 1993, and that night we finished our meeting in that town and we are going to travel the following day and there was only one naira in my pocket and we are 400km+ back to Kaduna.

Now, there was a friend of mine who came to join us in that meeting and we slept on the same bed because we were very close friends and I said before I close my eyes, “Lord, if you think I will ask this man money for fuel into my car, you are wasting time. The way you will do it when nobody is around, gather yourself and do it now, goodnight”. And I laid down and slept.

Then a knock at the door in the night…, “oh, I learnt you will be going in the morning”, I said, “well, we’ll be going first thing in the morning”. He brought me 296 naira, very mysterious amount. I found “If you do what I say, you will lend always and you will never borrow” and I plugged my social life into it… Whatever I don’t have, I don’t need!

All these oversize things you are wearing is your problem. What is a young man who is on one thousand naira a month pricing a suit of two thousand naira for? When hunger knocks at your door, you will almost eat that clothe..

All these oversize things you are wearing… The moment the devil can arrest you into a borrowing life, you will live a restless life, your future will end in reproach and humiliation. But when you are contented with your size per time, controlled by the word of God, you will continue to be dignify before men.

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